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Final Turbo Cancelled due to Weather

The TMT Wednesday night club turbo (28/02/18) has been cancelled - due to the decision made by the DED to close schools, we have cancelled this session in the interest of health and safety.

Anyone wanting to complete a session at home may consider the session below as we approach the start of the IOM CA race calendar events. Short intervals are also very good for burning fat and kick starting your metabolism for those who aren't racing.

Sprint turbo training session

Total time: 45min

10 minute progressive warm up

5 minutes of 20 seconds sprint // 40 seconds rest

5 minutes easy riding

5 minutes 15 seconds sprint // 45 seconds rest

5 minutes easy riding

5 minutes 10 seconds sprint // 50 seconds rest

10 minutes steady warm down

Optional: Light stretching post workout

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