Enteries for this event will close at 11.59PM on Wednesday 16th May.

The details for the Fred Kelly Memorial (IOM Championships) on the 20th May are as follows: The race will sign up at the Tholt-y-Will car park and will be neutralised right through to Sandygate X Roads where the race will start proper. The race will consist of 6 laps of the Sandygate - Summerhill - Beehive - Jurby East - The Cronk - Sandygate, then turn right and head through Sulby X Roads and onto Tholty - y - Will Glen and on to the finish at The Helipad at The Bungalow (49 Miles). The race will be split into two with the two categories being as follows Race 1 Seniors, Masters, Juniors and Vets A and B. Race 2 Under 16's, Ladies and Vets C to G. This race will also be 1 lap less (42 miles) There will be a presentation with refreshments at The Creg - Ny - Baa Hotel afterwards. Based on the above, competitors will be advised to leave their vehicles at The Bungalow and cycle down Tholt - y - Will to register.

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