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Proposed 80km route for the 80th Anniversary.


A digital map is now available thanks to Graeme Hughes from manxtimingsolutions

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their riding as the year begins to come to a close. Firstly the propose route for our 80th anniversary club run can be found at the bottom of this article. Secondly it would be massively appreciated if people could let our club chairman, Jim Cottier, know if they are attending prior to the event. His contact details can be found here.

The ride will take place on the 6th October 2018. Registration and start from Manx Harriers Clubhouse (NSC). Starting from 09:00. In the mean time we have the Colin Nelson Memorial Mountain TT. Provisionally rearranged to the 23rd of September.

Additional notes for prospective entrants: The ride will be charged at £10.00. This is to cover the charge of the refreshments at the cafe stop in Ballabeg. As well as an Anniversary bidon, and most importantly the remainder of the money is going towards The James Berry Fund.

On the day this route explanation and a map will be available. A map may also be provided earlier than the day of the event; however this is not guaranteed so for now please familiarise yourself with the written description below.

Registration and start from Manx Harriers Clubhouse (NSC). Starting from


1 lap of the NSC and then turn left out of the park and onto the

Castletown Road. Turn right and head to the Quarterbridge, where the

route will turn left onto the T.T. Course as far as The Oak tree at

Braddan Bridge where it will turn right and head up past Braddan Primary

School and onto the roundabout where it will turn left and then left

again at The Hospital. At the Strang X roads the route will go straight

over and head towards Mount Rule, Eyreton and onto the T.T. course again

at Crosby. Turn left here and continue to Marown X Roads where the route

will turn right [at the traffic lights, onto Glen Darragh Road and head up to] the Braaid X Roads

where the route continues straight across and through to St Marks X

Roads. Here the route turns left and goes over the Black Hill and down

into Ballasalla. At the roundabout turn left and takes the main road

towards Castletown, past the Airport, K.W.C. and Janet's Corner Estate.

At the roundabout, take a left down Shore road then a left again onto

the Promenade. Carry on up past Hango Hill towards Derbyhaven where the

route will take a left and go out as far as the Two-Six Cafe Bar where

the route will retrace back to Derbyhaven and Castletown via College

Green, Douglas Street The Quay and Castle, The Square, Queen Street and

Farrants Way. This will now take the route past Castle Rushen High

School, The Witches Mill and down to the Main Port Erin Road. Turn left

here and follow the road over Fishers Hill and along Gansey and Shore

Road as far as Gansey Pottery where the small climb will take the route

up to Scoill Phurt le Moirrey. Go straight across the X Roads and take

the Howe road as far as the Truggan Road. Turn right here which will

bring you into the back of Port Erin via Ballafurt Road and St Georges

Crescent. On the towns main road, turn left and then past the Falcon's

Nest and onto the Promenade, turn right onto Bay View Road as far as

Ballafesson Road where the route turns left. Follow the road around and

towards Colby and through Ballabeg towards Castletown where there will

be a refreshment stop at Ballabeg Methodist Church Hall. Retrace the

route as far as the Grenaby right turn. Take the next right which will

take you through to Grenaby and onto the Kerrowkeill road and up past

the Kerrowkeil Chapel and onto the Corlea Road, where the route turn

right and heads towards the top of the Ballamodha Straight. Turn left

here and follow the main road through Foxdale to the Hope and turn left

and head towards St John's Football Club, where the route takes another

left onto the Patrick Road as far as the Parish Church. Turn right and

head past the Raggart and towards Peel. Before entering Peel take the

right into Queen's Drive and round and through to Albany Road. Straight

across here and down to Derby Road past the Police Station. Turn right

here and go past Shoprite and the Swimming Pool as far as The Highwayman

pub where the route turns left through the Estate. At the roundabout

take a right and head towards KIrk MIchael as far as Knocksharry where

the route takes a right and heads towards Ballig Bridge along the

Switchback. At Ballig Bridge turn right onto the T.T. Course once more

and head towards Douglas via Ballacraine. At the Quarterbridge turn

right and then left back into the NSC and finish at the Manx Harriers

Clubhouse. ( 80km)

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