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Manx Road Club 25 - Start Sheet

Good morning All,

Just a few lines ahead of Sunday's Time Trial .

Please find the start sheet below for your pre race benefit.

Marshals, having enough marshals always seems to be a bit of a problem these days, so if anyone has a proxy marshal they can bring along, can you please contact Brian Draper on 493993

The only other thing I have to comment on is a directive from IOM Cycling, which I will be upholding.

A red illuminated rear light will be attached to your bike for all Time Trials. As this is the first T.T. of the season I will be setting the standard and insuring this happens. If you do not comply you will NOT start

I hope that your pre season training has gone well and look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 0800 at the earliest.

Regards, Jim.

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