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MRC 2020 Race Calendar Overview

The 3 races that the Manx Road Club are promoting this year are as follows: 19th April - Manx Road Club 25 Mile Time Trial.

Start Time 09:00.

Course - Rhencullen.

HQ is at Ballaugh Village Hall. 12th July - John Hamer Memorial Road Race.

Start Time 09:00.

Course - St Marks - Stuggadhoo - Tosaby.

HQ is at St Mark's Old Schoolhall 9th August - Fred Kelly Memorial Road Race.

Start Time 09:00.

Course - Tholt-y-Will - Sandygate - Summerhill - Jurby - The Cronk.

HQ is at Tholt-y-Will Glen Car park. Canada Life 10 Mile T.T. League.

The Canada Life sponsored 10 Mile Time Trial League will also be run by MRC chairman Jim Cottier.

Start Time 19:00.

Course MVIC - Sandygate - Turn.

H.Q is at M.V.I.C.

Dates: 22/04, 29/04, 06/05,13/05, 20/05. 01/07, 08/07, 15/07, 22/07, 29/07. All these races are on the new entry Website: RiderHQ which TLI Cycling are using this year.

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